The Pribata Idaho

Little Black Tide [E-Bow Version]

Album: Spain Is Pain [2000]
Author: Ernesto González - Jesús Llorente © Elefant Publishing

Music on the car radio and the endless miles 

Grey clothes, pissing my pants, laughing too hard

I love the way she hands things to me smiling 

The ways she has turned my life into Disneyland


The person I was, the singer I was only two years ago 

The kind of stuff that was central then to my life 

Seems to be just trendy postcards, a tray of ice-cubes

A nice ego trip, bad weather, ex-lovers saying "mine"


Life its a vow that frightens so bad as it deepens

And when you love you feel your organs outside

Wearing our difference like streamers or leaves

We know the future has changed, that little dark tide