The Pribata Idaho

After The First Sin

Album: Spain Is Pain [2000]
Author: Ernesto González - Manuel Serván - Pedro Miguel del Amo - Ana Isabel López © Elefant Publishing

I told a lie to the priest 

When I confessed my sins 

It was very jolly for me 

Even I tried not to seem to keen


From my blameless point of view 

It was nothing but an excuse 

To turn the knife in the wound 

To life anyhow, win or lose


When I fell into sin again 

It was "Talkin’bout New York"

I was almost fifteen 

Years jumbled together, anyhow


Judgement, they promised, is upon us 

The end of the world is at hand 

Even I confessed my blasphemies

My fights and all my sins


There’re millions of liers 

What’s one more or less? 

That’s the kind of things I mean 

When I talk about my sins

There’s no need to be sorry for me 

Even I show signs of wear