The Pribata Idaho

Unexpected End

Album: Spain Is Pain [2000]
Author: Ernesto González - Manuel Serván - Pedro Miguel del Amo © Elefant Publishing

You walked out 

Never to return

It was and enduring 

And unexpected end 

For a love which were 

On the edge 


The last day of december nineteen seventy-eight 

Revenge of love I used to say... with a happy end 

And you wave goobye just as I thought just as I knew 

The last day of december nineteen eighty-two


Why do you try to send me pieces of love I couldn´t use? 

Why do you want to know if there will be a trial after the proof? 


With next one 

Was almost the same 

Kisses the first two months 

Next two completely alone 

I wish it had been 

Not so!