The Last Detail

I'm Sorry

Album: I'm Sorry [2021]
Author: Mehdi Zannad © Elefant Publishing

All is forgiven

Come round and bring me the news

See what might happen

One thing I hate is to lose

I really wanna hold you

I mean it now, I'll really be good to you


Me dispiace 

I guess I need you around

I'm really sorry 

Can't you see




Give me a listen

I promise I'll tell you the truth

I've got a good reason

All of your tears I can soothe


I really wanna show you

I've learned my lesson now I'll be good to you


I'm so very sorry

Why don't you show me some light?

Let's write a new story

Make it right


Since we're not together

You have to take it better

It's over now why talks about it

I've just begun to make sense of it 

Please see it from my side

Let's get on with our lives


So, tell me what's the deal, please let me know for real

I'm sinking in despair; I wish so much it could be repaired


Please open up your heart

Don't leave me at your door


I don't wanna play games with you

Don't call me anymore


Just don't you leave me alone 


I've already found someone else who's ready to take your place


I'll do whatever you want