Marine Research

Venn Diagram

Album: Sounds From The Gulf Stream [1999]

There’s no way that it sounds okay 

There’s someone else 

Take a deep breath and 

How was your day? Are you okay? 

I’m making tea 

D’you want to help me? 


And when the night comes (night comes) 

You tell sweet stories all about the moon 

But my mind’s drifting (drifting) 

Stars dancing to another's tune 


Sunday morning, coffee in bed 

Spilt on the sheets 

Tearful and clumsy 

Try again, but still I can’t speak 

It’s not okay 

Wish you could fool me 

  You ask what’s wrong and (what's wrong?) 

You take my hand as I walk for the door 

You hold my head up (head up) 

But guilty eyes turn to the floor 


Sometimes we just need to be told 

As if the words justify anger 

One last effort to stop it unfold 

Talk of a friend 

You look me daggers 


You stop the small talk (small talk) 

You take my hand as I walk for the door 

You say I’ve nice eyes (nice eyes) 

But that you loved me more before