Marine Research

Glamour Gap

Album: Sounds From The Gulf Stream [1999]

I’ve never been one of those girls 

With perfect legs and head of curls 

And 90 minutes every day 

Spent making themselves that way 


In Selfridge’s, you see them graze 

On beauty creams and AHAs 

And liposomes to keep the skin 

From cracking up and giving in 


Chorus: Acting like I’m just me 

Acting like that should be enough 

Isn’t where they’re at 

Everything else I see 

Everything else I do 

There’s always a glamour gap 

I’ve queued for loos with Dani Behr 

She sucks her cheeks, so debonair 

Like Barbie, plastic, head to toe 

And me standing all aglow 

I sometimes try to imitate 

These women who exfoliate 

I paint my lips all kinds of red 

I wax my insect bitten legs 


Repeat Chorus