A Girl Called Eddy

Not That Sentimental Anymore

Album: Been Around [2020]
Author: Erin Patricia Moran © Kobalt Music Publishing Ltd

Have I grown up or just grown old

Is it there’s no one to hold

The state of my heart has got me alarmed

When life has lost all, it’s charm


I hate to admit but everything’s changed

The pictures have all re-arranged

What brought me to tears just yesterday

Now only gets in my way

You can wax romantic (till the cows come home)

It won’t make any difference

Think I’m turning into stone


I thought I was but maybe I’m

Not that sentimental anymore

I thought I was but baby I’m

Not that sentimental anymore


No more swooning at Annie Hall

Cause I’ve become the Berlin Wall

No manipulating string lines

They broke my heart enough times

Should I give up or call it a day

The memories are fading away

Where do you turn when nothing’s the same

When you’re tired of playing the game