Galaxy Fingers

Right Joan

Album: The Last Bastion Of Fox Quality [2019]
Author: Alex Simonian © Elefant Publishing

I thought you'd lead me lightly under the moon

I learned to touch the wave but it left too soon

The felt strapped to your leg in mid afternoon

I turned to feel the breeze but it left too soon


Balloons with empathy choked up in my room

Boring darkness shifts, compelled to assume

Love your photographs, forget to consume

Create a lake with puddles of your perfume


Lifelike with eyes too bright


The steps all warped from snow remind me to sink

The balcony all battered, soaked in black ink

The gravity impacts me more than you think

I like the feeling when we flutter in synch


Roses hide your face and your rosy cheeks

Smoked the last of them but can't hide critique

Take your picture and I'll try not to blink

Poor recollection, now I'll try not to speak