Le SuperHomard

Elephant In The Room

Album: Meadow Lane Park [2019]
Author: Christophe Vaillant - Pandora Burgess © Elefant Publishing / Alter K Publishing

Tonight the villa has been re-decorated

There’s clinking of champagne glasses

And chandeliers glimmer on the walls

The lights are dimmed and there’s a soft athmosphere

The music is smooth piano playing and from every room

Muttered voices of mingling socialites

He’s the guy who will blow up the set, stick his shoe down the loo

Everyone can see the elephant in the room

His wit is a bit off, but it doesn’t bother him at all

How does he do that?

Ever met someone like him?

I never met someone like him... But I wish I could...

There’s more to him than meets the eye

I know there’s more than meets the eye