Attic Lights

People Come On

Album: Love In The Time Of Shark Attacks [2019]
Author: Kevin Joseph Sherry - Colin James McArdle - James Houston - Noel Martin O’Donnell © Elefant Publishing

The world has changed, more than some

There's darkness surrounding the sun

And you have given all you have

They've taken the best that you've done


Wake up, wake up, open your eyes

Your ears and your hands and your throats and your mouths

We are the more not the few

Thoughts are not facts and the news isn't news


The walls close in as each new day begins

Clouds linger all day


People come on


Words are words, whatever is said

People go back to your bed

But oh, my sweet-hearted world

Little streams, little hands, little smiles, little curls


Time for sleeping is past

Just give us a chance


People come on