Modern Cosmology

The Berlin Friend

Album: Summer Long [2017]
Author: Laetitia Sadier - Chiquinho - Felipe S. - Marcelo Machado - Vicente Machado - Missionário José © Elefant Publishing

I was waiting for you in the morning

The staggeringly clear, the beautiful atmosphere

Alas only the atmosphere was clear 

I am waiting for your emotional bellow to withdraw

Watching the birds

Waiting for your emotional bellow to retire


A moment of panic

Made me twiddle with guilt

Would take it no longer

My patience expired

Wanted to take control

Plea with my heart and soul


Todos somos mestres uns dos

Outros nessa caminhada

Cada ser humano, cada alma que vaga

Sentimento aberto

Algo intensamente curioso


You were an impenetrable oyster 

As I waited in the staggeringly clear atmosphere

And yet inside of me nothing was clear

An immersion in the remoteness of my

Troubled waters

Boiling to the

Surface, an angry

State I am upset

Very disappointed


My feelings were diffused

My senses were trampled 

I've come to put a name

On this massive clampdown

Exploring the path of

My plea

My heart

My soul