Modern Cosmology

The Source

Album: Summer Long [2017]
Author: Laetitia Sadier - Chiquinho - Felipe S. - Marcelo Machado - Vicente Machado - Missionário José © Elefant Publishing

Bring together myself

Reuniting myself 

With my reality

Pieces of which fragmented

Bring together

As many pieces as I can

Human affairs held

(By the) mysterious

Making its way in      

Cosmic ideals

Sans a changing line    


From one's real origin

Reunite myself    

To the source

The true object of my inquest

Of my exploration is not understood

I am at odds until I penetrate this mystery

Until (isolation)

I penetrate this


(From the source)

So change is life  


The source

Look for the place where all the things originate

Look beyond look at the whole picture

Transcend egotistical involvement 

See the whole picture

Where all things originate

The source