La Casa Azul

Bad Guys [Feat. Duglas T. Stewart On Vocals]

Album: La Revolución Sexual [Special Reissue] [2016]
Author: Guille Milkyway - Guadalupe María Núñez © Elefant Publishing

You go so fast

Almost without a chance for me to say goodbye

It’s long ago you stopped looking at

me in the eye as we walk side by side


How can it last?

With such a deadbeat heart as mine (could it last?)

Someone hiding his own sadness

Dancing the pain away all through the night


For a while I’ve been wondering, wondering back

To those times and those Fridays when you had to meet up

To the days when you wanted to be part of my life

Makes no sense now

Without you I struggle to get by


Why does it have to be about the bad guys

And those ones that, the reckless types yeah

Those who never bat an eyelid when they check you out

As they sip their Coca-Cola, the ones who honk too loud

Don’t you see their phony thoughtlessness

The way they’ll laugh in the end?


You’ll have them all anytime

You’re not into us

And that’s why you go so fast

It’s unjust

We’re hardly getting to start


And I’d been hoping I could ask you out 

To roller skate

To bowl til late

And bake a cake now


Say, who would die

Give up their life to kiss your lips one more time

Despite the fact you’ve got an arctic heart

And a neoromantic countenance


How can it last?

With someone bound to lose it in every club?

Someone so static on the one hand

And such a drama queen from time to time?


For a while I’ve been letting you out of my mind

Started praying you’d sink in the sea and get lost

With the monster who’ll soon take the place I once had

I don’t love you

I don’t think I’ll love you more like that


And even though it has to be the bad guys

And the ones who/that will break your heart yeah

Tonight I’m going out, try to get over it

Hide my memories of you where they can be well kept

Oh you’re way out of my dreams but I have never felt this good


Tonight I’ll dance among the bad guys

And I’ll leave them hypnotized yeah