Album: The Last Goodbye [1998]
Author: Marie Gomis - Alexandra Pavlou - Jean-Baptiste Garnero - Françoise Juge - Christophe Plantier © Elefant Publishing

Oh I’ve been walking down the lane

Under the hippy moon

I’ve been awake to watch the rain

Felt a bit lazy then

I’ve been up and downstairs again

Seen the flowers grow

But down my shower must be you

I do think about

Missing you, no appetite though I do see you everyday”

Sara said so to her friend

Jumble time- how can it be an angel makes me feel so sad?

Offer me your soda drink

Oh, don’t you go

I may collapse and it’s because I wonder why you do feel misunderstood

Jumble time-that’s not enough-to make me stop thinking about you

Offer me your soda drink