Cristina Quesada

You Are The One

Album: You Are The One [2015]
Author: Cristina Quesada - Paul Bevoir © Elefant Publishing

You are the one

The one I've been waiting for

You are the one

The one I've been praying

For all of my life

To bring me a rainbow

You light up my world

I love you so

In other words

You know


Tú mi amor

Conviertes mi vida en canción

Junto a ti

No existen los días

Oscuros y mis

Temores pasaron

Sonrío al pensar

Que estás aquí

Que junto a mí estarás


You are the one


Bésame, bésame

No me dejes ir

Every day in every way

I know that you are the one


I'm a daffodil in the window shill waiting for the sun (you are the one)

I'm a little girl in a carrousel waving to her mum (you are the one)

I'm a honeybee in the summer breeze, see how we run (you are the one)

I'm a drop of rain in the window pain my heart is undone