Helen Love

Where Dylan Thomas Talks To Me

Album: Where Dylan Thomas Talks To Me [2014]
Author: Helen Jones © Elefant Publishing

We'll dance all night till our feet are hurting

Party hard like Richard Burton

I'll meet my boy down by the sea

Where Dylan Thomas talks to me


Past Vernon Watkins house to Three Cliffs Bay

The gulls of Pobbles keep me company

Ghost footprints in the sand, are now where my own feet land

As a follow along the Poets Trail


Tonight I'll ride the length of Swansea Bay

And I'll name this cycle path The Nigel Jenkins Way! 

I'm maudlin and I'm slow, I got nowhere else to go

So I'll keep on keeping on the Poets Trail


Hey late at night can you hear that noise

My mother said it's the Kardomah Boys


I met a boy who chased the blues away

We were 17 it seems like yesterday

We held hands in the dark, kissed in Cwmdonkin Park

As I led him along the Poets Trail