Shine [Go To California] [2002]

Album: Up, Up And Away [Home Demos 1993-2002] [2012]
Author: Guille Milkyway © Elefant Publishing

Eight o'clock, time to wake up

Morning shower, a little make up

Yellow dress and a watermelon smile


'Cause summer's finally here 

And now no fears are coming to your mind

You feel so sunny and so happy and you shine


I bet your life's gonna make a change

It's time you make a move and rearrange your feelings

Different, you feel different

For the first time in your life.


Try to find a place 

That it's right for you to fly away

And maybe you can give it a try

Take a sip of lemonade and find a hideaway

Where you shine so bright


Summer's in the air

You can smell the flowers everywhere

Rainy days are gone out of sight

You can go to california

Sure the sun will warm ya

And then you'll shine


Music plays, people hand in hand

You never thought life could be so lovely

Fall in love and take it to the end