Julie [1996]

Album: Up, Up And Away [Home Demos 1993-2002] [2012]
Author: Guille Milkyway © Elefant Publishing

Julie is moving away

Leaving her friends

Her home and her family

So tired of bearing the rain

And listening to the same

Pretended sugary pop stars


She bought a plane

With the money her daddy gave her

All over the world

Nothing but rainy days and rock and roll

Where was the love?

Could someone tell her why all the groovies where gone

Maybe tomorrow a better sound will come along


Julie open your eyes

There is a light at the skyline

I think you'd better move up

You've got to hang on to sunshine


Julie open your heart

There is no sense in protecting it

You'll be a beautiful star

Now drink some strawberry juice and free your mind


Julie started to play

With a glittering face

The songs that she'd always loved

And crowds of people in grey

Where healing their pain (gritty gritty pain)

At the multicoloured stereo sound


Swinging around

A thousand people were dancing through the night

Music was flowing

Unbelievable growing flowering vibes


Colours and candles

Groovy incense and shocking perfumes

Julie remember

Your love will save the world


This is your life you can do whatever you like

Julie, Julie take a balloon and fly

Take a beautiful one