Album: My Baby’'s Just A Baby [2012]
Author: Simon Stone © Elefant Publishing

Darling, I know you’re thinking

Yes, no, have I been drinking

I get off on your sweet kisses darling


Darling, when you can’t see me

I get sea-sick oh baby

Nothing cures me like you do, oh darling


Oh what can I do?

Cos I’m in heaven every time I’m with you

Which means that every other time I’m in Hell

With other people just like Jean-Paul Satre said, he said so


Darling, I know I’m slurring

My words, but still I’m yearning

For your touch & one quick cwtch, oh darling


Believe what I’m fed

The sacred order of the easily lead

Whenever you’re away that’s when I go wrong

You are my Bernie, I’m your Elton John


Just one more kiss

Or just one more little soft flick of your wrist

Sorry but you here makes me into a letch

Turns all the alphabet to X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X X 


Darling, je sais que tu penses 

Oui, non, est-ce que j’ai bu

Tu m’allumes avec tes baisers, darling

Tu m’allumes avec tes baisers, darling 

Tu m’allumes avec tes baisers, darling