The Silver Factory

Comedown Cherry

Album: If Words Could Kill [2012]
Author: Fran Feely © Elefant Publishing


Lying next to you in bed and dawn is breaking through

Dansette’s turning next to me, and I turn into you

A morning breeze comes in the room, and blows the net curtain

Should we get up out of bed?  I’m feeling uncertain

Playing songs that shaped our life’s today

But turn it up its better heard that way


Autumn, spring and winters spent with you and summer too

Four seasons sat up in your room

Summer breeze through cherry trees the wind could make one fall

We write our names into the bark, the names we scribed are shaped in a heart


Art films and magazines cheap wine and TV

Watching French films on your own you think you’re Amelie

Thinking all the things I’d do to you

Thinking that you’d like the same things too


But you’ll never know

All the feelings that grow deep within my soul

The day that I found you

My heart  stood still