Album: The Panda Bear Song [2011]
Author: Adam Bell - Kayla Bell - Alan Grice - Daniel Pacrami © Elefant publishing

Oh Boatswain, clear your name


In the night when he falls asleep he dreams about the wire

And when he wakes up in a familiar place 

There’s no one there to conspire


In the cargo boxes all around the docks the roarers seek and hide

And in the vital case of having lives to save 

You can count on him for a while


Fall out

Don’t be last in line

When the rope breaks

You’ll be out of time


In his younger days he was smarter than 

The other kids in his town

But he slipped into an anxious state 

When no one else was around



You know it’s not too late

You’ve had a dip but 

It’s not the end of it


Going deeper down into the water on his own

Never having ever had to hold his breath so long

Treading through the seaweed with a glimmer in his eye

But secretly he’s terrified that he is gonna die


He is gonna die

He is gonna die