Lucky Soul

Southern Melancholy

Album: A Coming Of Age [2010]
Author: Andrew Laidlaw

Consider me tamed 

A life of disappointment and heartache sustains a southern melancholy like blood on the brain

A shadow on my soul that’s so hard to lose, so hard to lose 

And when old eyes bruise,


Oh Baby, it’s you who stays fast as I am listing 

My heart it sings true, but melodies go missing and sadness seeps through

A hand upon my shoulder that’s so hard to move, so hard to move 

And when old wounds tear, oh Baby what’s there? 


Where angels collide, in danger I dwell 

Stay by my side, don’t leave me in peril 

Who’ll be my guide when the sunlight fails? 

Oh mercy, I’m tired, drunk on despair 

Hope has expired, beyond repair 

Who’ll save the night when the sunlight fails and darkness prevails?