Helen Love


Album: It's My Club And I'll Play What I Want To [2007]
Author: Helen Love © Elefant Publishing

Terry meets Susan, Susan meets Jennifer, every Saturday night

Gonna go to Annabel’s, let your hair down, with music and flashing lights

Dancing the night away

It was a summer bank holiday

I asked the DJ “What you gonna play”

He said “Paul McCartney and Wings” and we all said 




Terry’s got the day off from working in the Co-op, so everything will be alright

Susan says to Jennifer “We’ll be friends forever”, and dances away the night

We were born to rock and roll

Come on baby it’s time to go

To a roller disco show

I asked the DJ for a record, a record I know




Put the needle on the record and dance another night with you (x3)

Terry meets Susan, Wow she’s looking beautiful, outside of Burger King

Terry says “Baby will you be my girl?” and he gives her a candy ring

You’ll be married in ‘78

You’ll have a house on a big estate

There’ll be magic on your wedding day

And the first song the DJ will play for us will be




Five years later, Terry’s in the paper, in case you haven’t heard

He and Susan would like to announce the arrival of a beautiful girl

She will shine like the morning sun

On a new day that’s just begun

They will love her ‘til their days are done

Terry held her in his arms and the whole world started to sing




Put the needle on the record and dance another night with you