My Little Airport

My Little Banana

Album: Zoo Is Sad, People Are Cruel [2007]
Author: Au Kin Ying - Lam Pang © Elefant Publishing

My little beautiful pretty pretty banana, you are all that I'd like and I want to share you with all my friends, family and loved one

I just open all your skin then I take a small bite

Once I have a wonderful dream about you we were dancing in the sea and the fishes all swimming around us

Come with me so I can show you big boat that I built

Let's go for a ride

I promise it will fly to the sky where no one cries

Banana you will see the clouds beneath our feet to the space where twinkle stars saying hello and smile they're shinning bright happily

Will we see each other any more after ten years why don’t you tell me you’re falling ill and not happy please stay well and be tasty I don't want to see you be grumpy

Please stay strong and be healthy

We still have a lot to do like exploring the whole world

You're the only one can't be replaced

Hey you, listen, banana you're the best, man!