My Little Airport

When I Listen To The Field Mice

Album: Zoo Is Sad, People Are Cruel [2007]
Author: Au Kin Ying - Lam Pang © Elefant Publishing

Still remember the songs of the Field Mice, you used to sing to me at night

Sometimes I think we can be together, you make me feel love’s like flowers

I have a catalogue of everything we did, I still remember everything you needed

I wanna write this love song for you

I wanna tell you how I love you

Cos you… you deserve a major7 chords. And I…I just can’t stop feeling so lost

Remember once me and you’re in a bus, I kissed your lips and no one saw us

I didn’t know where the bus’s going. I didn’t know where we are going

You told me you like major7, so I start writing songs with these chords, but I

I just can’t stop feeling so lost

So I use an Em chord after a D major7, so I use an 

Em chord to stop myself feeling lost