My Little Airport

Josephine's Shop

Album: Zoo Is Sad, People Are Cruel [2007]
Author: Au Kin Ying - Lam Pang © Elefant Publishing

Cos running business is not your gift, why don’t you close it, why don’t say ‘damn it’?

Depression in your shop of Mong Kok

Silence on Monday, no change on Thursday

But Josephine, you may think your pals cannot lose you

Probably they need you so much more than they love you

So why don’t you abandon them? 

Let yourself be free

This world is bigger than what we always believe in

So why don’t you try to fade out from your dream of dreams? 

Try to take the other risks

Your life should not be like this

Every color we can be

The only thing I’ve bought in your shop was a candle with some nice smelling

It couldn’t help you to pay the rent, couldn’t resist hazards nor prevent disease

But Josephine, you know your shop is cutie and beautiful

The truth is, you know this beauty can’t make you happy

So why don’t you abandon them?