My Little Airport

Edward, Had You Ever Thought That The End Of The World Would Come On 20.9.01?

Album: Zoo Is Sad, People Are Cruel [2007]
Author: Au Kin Ying - Lam Pang © Elefant Publishing

Well it happened a few years ago, we’re still pen friends at 17 years old

I waited for your call everyday, did you know? I scared to call you anyway, you didn’t know

Then we met in a rainy day, I remember how you dress that day

I forgot what I wanted to say when I saw your face

It’s just like happened yesterday, but now you fall away

Oh now you fall away

Where are you now? 

Why can’t we be ourselves just like yesterday? 

Edward, we were good pen friends and did you ever believe me? 

When I say ‘I don’t need to be free if you could only stay with me

I don’t need to be free if you could stay with me