Trembling Blue Stars

Sacred Music

Album: The Last Holy Writer [2007]
Author: Robert James Wratten

Carry me away

Sacred music

Touch and unchain

A wish to defy


To slip away

From the mundane

Golden light

From a window high

A building for the longing

Moved by the beauty

But the need stays unattended

No balm to leave you mended

No balm to leave you mended

Sometimes I sense a secret

About to be revealed

Is it just a trick of silence

A slight of hand

A skill?

Desirous of

Something more

A prayer for something precious (something sacrosanct)

Reaching and searching

For something beyond

All that I recoil from

I sense a force at work

Is it goodness?

Is it nature?

It tugs my heart

Fills my thoughts

And never leaves an answer

And never leaves an answer