Tender Trap

Be My Boyfriend

Album: ¿Cómo Te Llamas? [Tell Me Your Name] [2003]
Author: Amelia Fletcher © Elefant Publishing

Why does your face make me undress in haste

Cos you're not that pretty, rich or witty

You like to fight and I suppose that's alright

But you shouldn't hit him in the head


(Oo-oo) Do I need you

(Oo-oo) Do I love you

(Oo-oo) Do I want to take you home with me

(Oo-oo) When I met you

(Oo-oo) Did I get through

(Oo-oo) Did I ever let you


Be my boyfriend


A blow on the head is worth two in the bed

But I love you gently is worth twenty

You are a man and I do understand

But I wouldn't want to see you dead