Trembling Blue Stars

Now That There's Nothing In The Way

Album: A Certain Evening Light [2003]
Author: Bobby Wratten

Now that there's nothing in the way

Why do we still keep

Keep our distance?

Don't you ever find it strange

Or is it only me? 

The matter of our silence?


Do you notice how we still

Skirt around the past?

And how we tread so gently?

Do you notice how we don't

Ever touch upon the possibility?


Once we lived in different towns

Once you wanted to be free

Still we stole ourselves a summer

Do you not see me that way now?

Or is it that maybe

You think I'm still tied to another?


Do I read too much into

Things you do and say?

That would be just like me

Am I the only one who thinks

Our guards are always raised

In each other's company?


I've never said a word through fear

Of seeing just surprise

Written in your eyes

I've never wanted to appear

Foolish as I find

It's never crossed your mind