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Club 45: 90 Canciones De La Era Pop Para Mods Y Jetsetters


Deluxe Edition. Second Edition. Includes enhancements and additional content


140 pages in full color. More than 500 Images extracted from original material of the time. 90 commented singles. Hardcover edition. Prologue by Álex Oró. Language: Spanish


Extracted from the first edition introduction to Club 45. By Alex Cooper


This book is not trying to reflect the whole mod universe, it is only focused on my devotion to the white 60s groups (…) It comes from the need to talk about what I’ve learned, with the hope that others will enjoy it as much as I do. I’ve been really lucky. As I’ve never felt nostalgic for an era I never knew, I’ve lived my life without being envious of other people’s lives. I have great memories of past times, and those memories aren’t borrowed, they’re my own. But it’s also true that other people, famous and anonymous musicians, who have excited and inspired me all these years, have marked my path. You will find some of them when you turn this page. I hope you enjoy yourselves in your visit to Club 45.

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