LA BIEN QUERIDA: "La Fuerza" Video-clip

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We had left something unfinished. The video for “Domingo Escarlata”, directed by Diego Jiménez (AXOLOTES MEXICANOS, CARIÑO, CAROLINA DURANTE, NEVVER...), ended with a mysterious “To be continued...”. “La Fuerza”, the song that closes “Brujería”, is the answer. It is the piece of the puzzle that completes a very melancholic and sad song with this other song that is full of resignation and vitality, of hope and acceptance. Our protagonists (Irene Horrillo and Catalina Sopelana are back) try that magic blue substance again to go on a new journey through time, in which all emotions are close to the surface. The past and the future are in a new contrast of icons and references, with so many small nods toward the first video that deepen and play with the understanding of a tremendously playful and colorful video. Because within “Brujería” there is one story, and many stories.




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