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El País [Es]: "Foto Aérea" Album [Interview]



Throw The Dice And Play Nice [En]: Make memories during “Summer Days” with Alpaca Sports’ new music video

Every year when the calendar closes in on the precious months of summer, music platforms everywhere start the race to decide what will become the quintessential song(s) of the season. A band based in Sweden flooding the U.S. airwaves might not be a proposition commonly considered but the thought of …



Destroy//Exist [En]: "Summer Days"

ALPACA SPORTS: SUMMER DAYSWhere Swedish indie pop meets with British influences that are equal parts twee and sixties pop, Alpaca Sports are one of the best choices to go with.The band formed in late 2011 by Andreas Jonsson, shuffled its lineup a few times, and the last time they were active with a…



Gig-Blog [Gr]: FITNESS FOREVER, 17.02.2018, Base, Mailand

Die Wette mit mir myself personally läuft. Mindestens einmal im Jahr muss ein Fitness Forever Konzert sein, bis einer von uns beiden zuerst ins Gras beißt, den Löffel abgibt, evtl. sogar den Weg allen Fleisches geht, besser noch, gegangen sein wird. Futur 2 in einem Blog, das wird noch Wellen schlag…



Voix De Garage Grenoble [Fr]: "Primavera Negra" [Review]

LINDA GUILALA Primavera Negra, 7’’, Digital Elefant Rds          Je ne suis pas un accro au single. Mais des 45 tours comme celui-là ça fait du bien ! Pop Noisy chanté en espagnol (on peut encore dire ça ?), qui nous replonge dans la toute fin des 80’s / very early 90’s angla…



Videoterapia [Es]: "Dinamita" Video-Clip [Review]

MIÉRCOLES ADOLESCENTELa adolescencia es ese espacio en el que todos hemos estado y muchos no queremos recordar ni reconocer. Sin embargo, es el germen de nuestra personalidad adulta, el momento para descubrir la sexualidad y también el primer amor, para ser conscientes de nuestro cuerpo, para rebel…



Fantastic Plastic Magazine [Es]: "Dinamita" Video-Clip

EL VIDEOCLIP DE LA BIEN QUERIDA PARA SU TEMAZO “DINAMITA” ES LA EXPERIENCIA RELIGIOSA QUE BUSCAS    ¿Recuerdas cuando aquel cantaba lo de “es una experiencia religiosa”? Pues, mira, para experiencia religiosa el videoclip de La Bien Querida para su temazo “Dinamita&rd…









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    RUSH WEEK: "Feelings" Digital and video-clip single taken from the upcoming debut album, "Feels"

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    SOFT REGIME: “Hard Feelings” Mini-LP 10”

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    IBON ERRAZKIN: "Foto Aérea" LP / Digital

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    NOS MIRAN: “Humo” 10” Mini-LP / Digital

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    PUTOCHINOMARICÓN: "Corazón De Cerdo Con Ginseng Al Vapor" Mini-LP 10" [New Adventures In Pop 042]


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