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The Sunday Experience [En]: "New Thrills" Single [Review]

the primitivesby marklosingtodayUtterly adorable and at once breathless, feel good and primed with ear candy hooks aplenty, latest from the Elefant sound house comes courtesy of a new happening turntable twister-ella from the much-admired Primitives for this is ‘I’ll trust the wind&rsqu…



Barcelona TV: Entrevista-Acústica [Video-Reportaje]



BBC 6, Gideon Coe [En]: Played "Pez En Bicicleta"

Gideon Coe BBC6 Music played TRONCO "Pez En Bicicleta" this week. Listen to the show here [1:15]:



Tomatrax [En]: Interview with Paul Court from The Primitives

Interview with Paul Court from The PrimitivesThe Primitives, famous for the international hit single ‘Crash’ are back with a new four song EP to be released on 10 inch vinyl. Tomatrax caught up with Paul Court from the band to ask a few questions.You’ll be releasing a 10 inch EP o…



Je Ne Sais pop [Es]: Laetitia Sadier y Mombojó son Modern Cosmology: escucha ‘C’est le vent’

Laetitia Sadier y Mombojó son Modern Cosmology: escucha ‘C’est le vent’Por amor al arte es el leitmotiv de Laetitia Sadier. A la cantante de Stereolab le gusta más una colaboración que un lápiz y, fuera de su grupo principal, la hemos escuchado en varios proyectos como Little Torn…



Je Ne Sais Pop [Es]: "Abducida Por Formar Una Pareja" [Review]

Tronco / Abducida por formar una pareja¿Por qué no se reúnen Nosoträsh? ¿Por quéLorena Álvarez no saca otro disco? ¿Por qué Alejandro Martínez de Klaus & Kinski no forma otro grupo tras la separación de estos? Desafortunadamente nadie tiene las respuestas para estas 3 preguntas, pero por suerte sí …



Super World Indie Tunes [Es]: Joe Moore of The Perfect Kiss, The Yearning and Lia Pamina [Interview]

The YearningThe multi-talented Jo Moore, favourite British son of Elefant Records, has just released a rather excellent new LP called “Disconnect” under the moniker The Perfect Kiss. It’s a tuneful electro-pop delight, recorded with only a 1985 Yamaha PortaSound PSS-450 keyboard,th…









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    FITNESS FOREVER: Release their third album, “Tonight”

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    LINDA GUILALA reworked by APENINO [Digital album]

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    ELEFANT: Upcoming Releases [2017]: PAPA TOPO, IBON ERRAZKIN


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