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Je Ne Sais Pop [Es]: TRONCO aparecen entre los virales de Spotify

Tronco aparecen entre los virales de Spotify y dedican canción a un hater Por Sebas E. Alonso | 31 May 17, 9:40 Tronco, el dúo formado por los hermanos Herrero, autor del entretenido y divertido a la par que emocionante ‘Abducida por formar una pareja‘, tiene novedades. El grupo, que ac…



Diagonales [En]: The Primitives & Lia Pamina featuring on a Mixtape [Radio Show]

Escucha el mixtape pulsando AQUÍ



Roots And Branches [En]: "New Thrills" [Review]

Among the acts they’ve supported are THE PRIMITIVES who themselves return with a new maxi-single following on from 2014’s Spin-O-Rama comeback album. Aptly titled New Thrills (Elefant), it opens in typical driving Prims sherbety-pop style with I'll Trust The Wind and proceeds through…



Music Won't Save You [En]: "C'es Le Vent" [Video of the week]

[video of the week] Modern Cosmology – C’est Le VentModern Cosmology is the new project from Laetitia Sadier with the Brazilian group Mombojó.Laetitia Sadier is still making great collaborations all over the world, broadening a songbook that is more and more complex but always highly be…



BMX Bandits live from St Luke's in Glasgow



The Sunday Experience [En]: "Sycamore Tree" [Review]

lia paminaby marklosingtodayCandy kissed in an ever so cutesy and radiant 60’s French pop kookiness, kind of Sandie Shaw meets France Gall if you are looking for reference markers, latest heading out of the elefant sound house is the teasingly playful and adorably twinkling innocence that is …



BBC 6, Marc Riley [En]: Session and Interview [Podcast]

Click HERE BMX Bandits Marc Riley BMX Bandits in session tonight. Founded in the 80's in Bellshill near Glasgow by main man Duglas T Stewart who writes and sings lead vocals on the songs.The group's most celebrated song is the autobiographical Serious Dru…









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    PAPA TOPO: Release the soundtracks for “La Maldita Primavera” and “Nos Parecía Importante” as a digital album

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    LA BIEN QUERIDA: Release “Fuego”, their fifth album

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    FITNESS FOREVER: Release their third album, “Tonight”

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    ELEFANT: Upcoming Releases [2017]: PAPA TOPO, IBON ERRAZKIN


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