Lia Pamina

How Come I

Disco: How Come I [2014]
Autor: Roger Gunnarsson

You tore down the walls around me

You told me things no one told me before


You said you were glad you found me

How come you don’t talk like that anymore


You never tried to please me

You made my life look easy

And I’m the fool who stayed in love


How come I

Still want to love you

How come I don’t regret


How come I

Still want to know you

Oh oh

I can forget


I’ve made up my mind, you told me

I just can’t give up more for you

If you had eyes you’d see me

If you had a heart I’d break it too


I gave my love, you missed it

You stole my time and kisses

And I’m the fool the stayed in love


How Come I...


You didn’t want to stay

I gave it up today

You acted like a child

I cried behind my smile


You just went away

You just went away

Don’t wanna follow you

But I will follow